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If you're an organization that provides interpretation services to your customers or clients, we've got the software solutions for you:

The Intelligence Scheduling System™ - Interpreter scheduling simplified
Video Remote Intelligence™ - Integrated video remote interpreting
Over the Phone Intelligence™ - Integrated phone interpreting

interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page
interpreter scheduling software, Landing Page

Your Organization

Refocus on your organization and leave the mundane to us.

Centrally manage all your bookings in a secure and convenient cloud based solution.

Minimize the labor and manual errors with payments and invoicing.

Efficiently maintain your database of language providers.

Easily access and update all your customer and client information.

Streamline the accounts payable and receivable workflow.

Your Interpreters

Improve operational productivity and empower your interpreters with the tools they need.

Easily locate the most qualified and appropriately trained interpreter for your customer.

Empower your interpreters to keep their information timely and accurate.

Keep on top of your responsibilities as an employer while ensuring your customers peace of mind.

Eliminate double bookings and minimize the errors during the time reporting processes.

Your Customers

Improve customer service with real-time reports and financials in the customer portal.

Give your customers and internal users access to the booking portal.

Minimize travel costs and expenses for your customers.

Easily access audit trails of changes to bookings to address customer queries.

Increase the quality of service you provide to your customers with access to real time reports.

Improve communication with your customers supporting timely and relevant feedback.


Active Users

Invoices Generated ($)



Interpreter Intelligence has streamlined our inner office workflow and saves us upward of a hundred hours of manual data entry every single month. The cost of this software has been dwarfed by the time and money it has saved our agency.






Interpreter Intelligence has been an incredible help to our business. Our business has become more automated and has saved us hours of work on a weekly basis. Our scheduler and accounting department have both expressed how this program has saved a lot of time on our process. The customer service is great, any issue we have had has been fixed in a timely manner and the staff are easy to get a hold of. I would highly recommend Interpreter Intelligence.



Managing Director



We’ve been a customer of Interpreter Intelligence since 2014 and have been very happy. The product meets our needs and it’s been very encouraging to see the ongoing improvements and enhancements in the regular releases. Any issues we’ve had have been dealt with efficiently and customer support has been very open to our feedback. We would recommend Interpreter Intelligence.



Vice President



Interpreter Intelligence is a great addition to our interpretation request process. It is very easy to learn and implement and the support team is SUPER!






Interpreter Intelligence provides a high quality, affordable and user friendly product.  We’ve been a customer for over three years and continue to be very satisfied with their customer service as well as the continuous enhancements to the software.  The best recommendation I can give is that we’d make the same choice again if we were looking for a scheduling and billing solution for our organization.



Associate Director



We absolutely love Interpreter Intelligence! The accounting functions in the system have significantly diminished the number of manual processes that go into invoicing and payments, and allow a greater versatility when providing customized billing. The accurate display of qualified interpreters available for assignment has streamlined our scheduling processes, and the historical data that accompanies each booking recorded gives a better understanding of job workflow for the purpose of analyzing and maximizing efficiency. The support staff is readily accessible and prompt in assisting our staff.






We use Interpreter Intelligence to run our British Sign Language agency. It’s unique capabilities to centrally manage interpreter scheduling, interpreter compliance and the agency financials in an end-to-end manner has resulted in significant efficiencies in our overall processes. The product is constantly improving and provides features and compatibility that grows with the business. We found it very useful that it could be linked to our cloud based accounting system and we look forward to scheduling remote video interpreting via the same platform, in the future. We’ve been very happy since migrating to Interpreter Intelligence, it has increased our processing speeds for bookings/administration and billing by around 50%. The team at Interpreter Intelligence are very friendly and supportive.



Managing Director



Interpreter Intelligence is great.  The team took a considerable amount of time to help ensure our transition to the system was smooth.  Since then they have been receptive to feedback and continue to add in enhancements. The support team is always quick to respond!  I certainly recommend them!




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