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We believe the business of interpreting is about human connections. It’s about helping people better understand one another. This is at the heart of what we do at Interpreter Intelligence.

“Their super power is that they get it. They’re a language services
company first,
then a tech company.”
VP, Language Services Company

Conor worked side by side with our first client to develop the Interpreter Intelligence platform. This collaborative style is the foundation of our dedication to client success – all the way down to each service delivery. We are committed to ensuring that appointments, billing, and reporting are right – no matter how intricate – to support how you run your business, how you support your customers, and how you provide service.

“They were really thoughtful
about how they designed their software.”
Director of Operations, ASL LSP

Today, our platform has more active users, and processes more bookings and invoices than any other. We support spoken interpretation and the ASL community equally. However, our work isn’t done. We’re committed to continuously innovating to improve the ways technology can help people overcome language, cultural and physical barriers to connect and communicate better.

“They’re the clear expert in the field. I’ve
recommended them multiple times.”
Director, LSP

Leadership Team

about interpreter intelligenceConor Power

Founder & CEO

Conor founded Interpreter Intelligence in 2011, having been introduced to the burgeoning language service industry by the owner of a language service provider struggling to find off the shelf solutions for their growing interpretation business. Interpreter Intelligence was created to meet this need and from humble beginnings, has grown to be used by the largest language services providers in the industry. Conor is a hands-on leader with a passion for creating solutions that are elegant, easy to use and simple to maintain. He has over 20 years as a technology leader in a variety of companies including aurionPro and OpenText, while leading technology initiatives at clients including Genentech, Fox News, Expedia, and Wells Fargo. Conor received his BSc in applied mathematics from Dublin City University, Ireland and his MSc in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

about interpreter intelligenceDusan Jovanovic


Dusan joined Interpreter Intelligence in 2017 after having worked with Conor at Coban, an enterprise content management consultancy as the VP of Practices and Operations. Dusan has extensive leadership experience across a variety of functions including Finance, HR, IT, Operations and Legal. He’s considered, “the engine that runs Interpreter Intelligence.” Dusan’s focus is on Finance, product management, strategic planning, developing a highly productive and happy workforce and making sure everything runs smoothly. He’s worked in a variety of industries and companies including Aurionpro Solutions, Epicentric, and Vignette. Dusan received his BS and MS in Computer Science from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

about interpreter intelligenceElena Isshiki

Customer Success

Elena joined Interpreter Intelligence in 2016 to help customers successfully get up and running on the platform and learn how to use the product to best meet their needs. She’s held customer success and program management roles in a variety of companies including Vision Media Management and Deluxe Media Management. Elena brings a strong service orientation to the entire organization as she is the first point of contact for all customers. She makes sure questions get answered quickly, and if a problem does arise, the right people are notified, and it gets fixed quickly. Elena has a BS in Computer Information Sciences from Masters College, Santa Clarita, CA.

about interpreter intelligenceGerry Kelly

Head of Sales

Gerry joined Interpreter Intelligence in 2018 and quickly made an impact on the business. As the first professional sales director for the company, Gerry’s initial focus was developing relationships with customers to understand their needs and expectations from the product, service and support teams. In addition to bringing feedback to the rest of the team, he spends his time researching, and talking to potential buyers needing language services while keeping tabs on what’s happening in the industry. Gerry hails from Dublin, Ireland, where he studied business at Rathmines Tech, and received a degree from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

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