Language Service Companies Industry

Language Service Companies

The Interpreter Intelligence platform is used by hundreds of Language Service Companies across the world. Interpreter Intelligence offers a comprehensive, secure, and cloud-based platform that allows you to streamline and scale your interpretation business. Eliminate bottlenecks in the booking process, save precious time and resources on invoicing, and cut labor costs.

We are experienced in working with both spoken language companies and sign language companies. Fully integrated in our Intelligence Scheduling System, use Video Remote Intelligence or Over the Phone Intelligence to decrease costs and increase efficiency, without having to rely on a limited pool of on-site interpreters. Our products work with all operating systems, browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.


Legal & Judicial Industry

Legal & Judicial

More than anyone, we know that accuracy and accountability are key in the legal & judicial industry. Because government organizations have to comply with various regulations, you need to have access to granular-level activity history for each assignment. With our audit history features, your stakeholders can see every touchpoint, decision, and change within a single job order.

Conserve and consolidate resources by integrating your scheduling and billing process. Keep track of your contracted interpreters, run detailed cancellation reports, and track reasons for cancellations. Interpreter Intelligence has partnered with several courts across the United States, so put your trust in our platform to manage your interpretation services, while we keep your sensitive data safe and secure.


Healthcare Industry

In healthcare, accurate interpretation can be a matter of life or death. Over the years, Interpreter Intelligence has partnered with various medical institutions, so we realize this more than anyone. In most medical scenarios, access to interpretation services is legally required, which means the demand for medical interpreters is higher than ever. With Interpreter Intelligence, you can guarantee language access with our Intelligence Scheduling System, Video Remote Intelligence, and Over the Phone Intelligence. Put your trust in a HIPAA-compliant solution, and schedule medical interpreters with confidence, every time.

Education Industry

Education can be a real challenge for deaf and HOH students. By providing schools and educational centers with highly skilled sign language interpreters and educational interpreters, we can remove the obstacles they face, and make sure they have access to a high-quality education. Over the years, we have added specific educational features to our products to make sure your business can serve this industry as effectively and efficiently as possible.



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