Arizona Will Soon Require Court Interpreters To Know Law.

Foreign language interpreters are now being subject to further their education beyond the boundaries of language interpretation. Arizona will soon require court interpreters to know the law, and this makes perfect sense. Having a clear and concise knowledge of the...

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Technology plays a great role in courtroom interpretation!

Technology plays a vital role in today's courtrooms. This is especially relevant in Utica where there are more than 50 languages spoken. Having such a diverse language span, sometimes language service providers are unable to provide a simultaneous interpreter in...

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5 Multilingual Celebrities That Might Surprise You!

Being in the language access industry we often only think of the importance of providing limited English speakers, deaf and hard of hearing patients with with access to healthcare, legal and government services through the use of interpreters. Once we take some time...

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The EU is going straight to the source!

The EU Court of Justice operates a substantial language access process. With over 600 lawyer-linguists staffed internally and managed by Directorate-General, the courts still outsource one-third of its translation and interpretation work to freelance translators and...

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