Top benefits to implementing an online scheduling software.

Screen Shot 2017-01150-27 at 2.31.39 PM.pngManaging an interpreter’s schedule at different locations and times is a daunting task. With your financials, interpreter’s information, client information and a list of upcoming unfilled jobs all being on separate platforms, it makes the whole process very difficult. Interpreter Intelligence was created to solve these issues and provide benefit to language service providers who struggle with the wide range of activities not located on a centralized platform.

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Increases in efficiency for confirming appointments via SMS.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 2.14.11 PM.png
The ways in which mobile phones can be utilized have changed an astronomical amount in recent years. With massive advances in technology, this means the scope for SMS activity has dramatically increased. Managing interpreter schedules has now become a lot easier, with the ability for an interpreter to directly reply to an SMS offer, this will shorten the length of the confirmation process.

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Our most recent product updates.

We hope that everyone had an amazing New Years.
Here are some of the newest features that were released in our recent product updates:
– New Feature – Unfulfilled Reasons
– Date Sorting on Manage Job Screen
– New Features on Assign Interpreter Page

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How advances in technology are actually driving the demand for interpreters up and not down.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 12.24.50 PM.pngWith advances in technology, people would think that interpreter and translator jobs would be at jeopardy, but actually,  this is not the case. Globalization today is bigger than it has ever been. The huge multinational companies such as Apple and Facebook for examples are making big steps in innovation, which in fact is creating more of a demand for interpreters.

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Product update: Job exclusion from auto-offer.

We are excited to notify our clients of recent updates to Interpreter Intelligence! A new checkbox called “Exclude from Auto Offer” on the New Booking screen will allow you to exclude the job from auto-offer. When this flag is checked, the job will not be picked up by auto-offer even if auto-offer is enabled on company and Customer level.

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An insight to why states are ignoring the requirements to provide an interpreter.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 12.42.24.png One of the main worries about being a court translator is that the smallest mistake in translation could mean injustice at a catastrophic level. With a legal requirement of the state to provide an interpreter, it is crucial that the chosen interpreter has the ability and experience level to make accurate translations in the correct context, however, this is not always the case as in many situations, states choose to ignore these requirements.

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Language Access Issues During the 2016 Presidential Election.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.42.29 AM.pngRegardless of your political affiliations, as a US citizen and eligible voter you have the right to access language services at the polling station to ensure you can make the best possible informed decision when casting your vote. Federal law requires that access to interpreters be provided either via the phone or in person at the polling station for those voters who require it.

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Lower costs 50% by moving from Excel to an online Interpreting System

translationie.jpgMany small businesses find great success managing their operations, schedules, and financials with Microsoft Excel. It’s certainly a powerful tool. However, in a highly transactional environment such as Interpreting Services, Excel can show its limitations pretty rapidly. And this is exactly the scenario that, now the largest independent Language Service Provider in Ireland, found themselves in.

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