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Product overview

The Intelligence Scheduling System™

Video Remote Intelligence™

Take a tour of the product features below.

Bookings Dashboard

Review all your bookings from one easy-to-use dashboard. New bookings awaiting assignment are clearly presented and priority bookings--bookings scheduled within a two-hour window-- are highlighted. The full day's booking diary is presented for easy search and filtering.

Easy Booking

Easily create interpreter bookings while eliminating double bookings. Customers can be chosen from your top ten list or by searching for them. Similarly, locations and languages can quickly be chosen from your top ten lists for the most common locations and languages, or via search.

Manage Bookings

Manage all your bookings--past, present and future--from an easy to use, consistent interface. Quickly review those bookings that need follow-up. Address any problems with future bookings before they escalate. Booking coordinators can quickly review the bookings under their management.

Interpreter Assignment

Assign interpreters to a booking based on one or more criteria; distance-to-location, language rating, work eligibility for a particular customer or their history of recent bookings. Contact information is immediately accessible and can be edited in place.

Real-Time Reports

Easily review statistical data about the state of your business on a periodic basis defined by you. Quickly see bookings broken down by language, customer and activity spanning any duration. All data is readily exported in csv format for further statistical analysis in a tool such as Excel.


Use the calendar view to review all bookings for a particular customer or interpreter and easily access the information about a booking without having to review the booking in full. Quickly scroll between months or change the calendar view to a weekly or daily view to more easily review bookings in detail.

Interpreter Database

Leave behind the shortcomings of Outlook and other contact management options and reap the benefits a contact management solution, tailored for the interpreting industry brings. Associate multiple languages and a rating with an interpreter. Quickly update notes about their availability, experience and active status as it changes and easily access a history of bookings for a particular interpreter.

Manage Customers

Easily maintain the information about customers and your interactions with them. Quickly review their booking history in a tabular or calendar view for planning purposes and to address queries as they arise. Enable select customers to access the Customer Portal and empower them to be more proactive in the booking management and scheduling lifecycle.

Customer Portal

Provision users for select customers from within the system to be able to login and proactively manage their booking schedule. Customers can create new bookings, cancel existing ones and close past bookings. Improve the quality of service to customers by allowing them access to the real-time reporting capabilities.

Customer Service

Empowering customers to close their own bookings, allows the start and end times of bookings to be more reliably captured and minimizes the errors and omissions that are likely encountered during the payment and invoicing processing. Allow customers to rate and comment on their customer service experience and more quickly address quality issues that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Booking History

Quickly access a history of changes made to a booking at any time. Improve transparency and identify issues that might occur during the end-to-end booking process while meeting the audit requirements of your customers.

Review Payments

Easily close and verify bookings at months end and in preparation for payment. Automatically create payments for all interpreters for verified and eligible bookings or manually create one off payments as needed to rectify issues. Review the payment history for interpreters and more efficiently resolve queries as they arise.


Quickly generate invoices and easily integrate with your accounting system of choice using the export to csv capability. Invoices can be automatically created for all eligible bookings, organized by customer or manually raised within the system. Easily manage the hierarchical structures for your larger customers.

Make Payment

Quickly review a payment, print it to PDF format for archiving or share it online with an interpreter for verification and confirmation prior to processing payments. Minimize the issues that typically arise in processing a large number of payments.

Financial Audit

Easily review the current financial state of the system and more efficiently invoice customers and pay interpreters. See the booking status, payment status and invoice status for all bookings in the system for the date range selected. Run periodic audits to identify bookings that may have erroneously been invoiced or paid more than once.

Employment Eligibility (HR)

Easily define and manage the set of criteria that is used to determine the work eligibility, employment status, and necessary training required by your interpreters. Criteria can be created for specific periods of validity and configured to be enforced on a strict or more lenient basis.

Employee Eligibility

Review an interpreter's eligibility when managing their information or during assignment to a booking. Quickly determine whether they meet the criteria necessary to be eligible for assignment to a specific booking.