Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interpreter Intelligence?

Interpreter Intelligence is the most thoroughly conceived and flexible platform for interpreter service delivery, and backend business management. It is used by the largest language service providers in the world, and hundreds of other organizations across the US, Canada and the UK. Interpreter Intelligence is the right platform if you want a reliable, configurable and complete interpreter platform to run and grow your business.

When was Interpreter Intelligence founded?

Interpreter Intelligence was founded in 2011. Self-funded, Interpreter Intelligence was built to meet the needs of language providers struggling to find off the shelf solutions to scale their interpretation business. Since then, hundreds of organizations across the world have put their trust in the most robust interpreter platform on the market.

What products and services does Interpreter Intelligence offer?

If you’re an organization that provides interpretation services to your customers or clients, we’ve got you covered. Interpreter Scheduling, Workforce Management, Financial Management, Video Remote Interpreting (Scheduled & On Demand), Over the Phone Interpreting (Scheduled & On Demand),... Interpreter Intelligence offers an end-to-end solution for interpreter management. Please contact us if you have any other questions about our products.

Does Interpreter Intelligence integrate with 3rd party applications?

Yes! Interpreter Intelligence integrates with Intuit QuickBooks so you can push your invoices directly into QuickBooks through our platform. We integrate with Sage as well if that's your accounting software of choice. We also have a framework in place so you can easily use other 3rd party video tools for any Video Remote Interpreting assignments.

Why should I choose Interpreter Intelligence and not another interpreter platform?

Interpreter Intelligence offers the most comprehensive and flexible interpreter platform on the market. For every new customer we have onboarded, we have improved our product offering. We can probably cover any business scenario you throw at us, and if we can’t, our in-house engineers might build it for you. Schedule a demo, and put us to the test.

Interpreter Intelligence is completely self-funded, which means we have no investors to answer to. As a company, we are not going anywhere, which means we can guarantee business continuity for you and your interpretation business. We like to build long-term partnerships with our customers, so we can grow and thrive together.

Interpreter Intelligence is the most experienced and reliable interpreting technology provider in the space. Our leadership team has their fingers on the pulse of the language industry, so we can help you stay ahead of the curve and tackle any external challenges the language industry throws at your business.

→ Have a look at our customer stories to learn why Interpreter Intelligence is the right interpreter platform for you and your interpretation business.

How much does Interpreter Intelligence cost?

The monthly pricing of our Scheduling System is volume-based. Have a look at our pricing page for more information. The cost of our Remote Interpreting features include a small fee per minute in place of the usual per job charge. There is also a one-time onboarding fee of $500. You can evaluate your engagement with Interpreter Intelligence on a monthly basis. There are no annual fees.

Interpreter Intelligence is a platform that pays for itself. Customers that schedule over 500 jobs per month can save upwards of $50,000 a year with our platform. Please click here for more customer stories.

How soon can we start? What does the onboarding process look like?

Once we’ve determined we’re the right fit for each other, we can draw up the contract within 1 business day. Upon signing, we will send you training materials and login credentials to have you up and running as soon as possible.

Onboarding also includes dedicated Q&A sessions with our support team so we can make sure you’re getting the most out of our platform. You can also easily import your data with our custom import templates.

How can I schedule a demo?

Click the Schedule a Demo button and fill in the form, or email us directly at A representative will be in touch shortly to help you.

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