Video Remote Intelligence™

Interpreter Scheduling

The Intelligence Scheduling System™

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Intelligence™

Over the Phone Interpreting

Over the Phone Intelligence™

Explore our VRI features below


Guarantee remote language access for your customers through our Scheduled VRI features. Schedule VRI jobs for your interpreters and customers, and eliminate the need for expensive video hardware by allowing participants to directly join video calls on their portals.


Facilitate real-time language support with our On Demand VRI features. Connect your customers and interpreters instantly through our platform to ensure real-time language access, while maintaining control and oversight over the entire job lifecycle.

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Mobile App

Allow your interpreters and customers to connect instantly through our mobile application. Whether they opt for a scheduled VRI assignment, or an On Demand VRI assignment, our mobile app has you covered. Participants can also chat directly in the video window.

Direct Invite

Invite participants directly by email, by SMS, or directly send them the unique and secure link to the video session. Connecting with Video Remote Interpreters has never been so convenient.

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Intake Questions

Need your interpreters to collect any additional information from the consumer? With our VRI intake questions, you can have the interpreter enter any relevant information before starting the session.

In-Meeting Chat

Need something spelled out? An email address? A link to a website? A name or number? Conveniently type it into our in-meeting chat box to avoid any misunderstandings.

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Call Rating

Optimize customer satisfaction by enabling participants to rate the quality of the session and by allowing them to enter any additional feedback after ending the video conference.

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