Case Studies


Interpreter Intelligence makes it easier to close jobs faster


    This Language Service Provider (LSP) wanted to provide better tools to make it easier for their interpreters to get their work done. They discovered that only 20% of their interpreters could close jobs on their own with their existing system. In addition, their non-mobile friendly system was not only slowing down their business, it was also creating more administrative work for employees.


    After understanding how this LSP wanted work to flow between their interpreters and HQ, Interpreter Intelligence was able to configure the platform to provide the finance department and interpreters in the field with the tools they needed to do better work, faster.


    In less than six months, through extensive interpreter training, 97% of their interpreters were able to close their own jobs — the majority within days of completing the assignment. The Interpreter Intelligence platform allowed them to invoice the first week of the month, which significantly decreased the timeframe for outstanding receivables while reducing administrative data entry follow up.

“They were really thoughtful about how
they designed their software.”

“We have grown by quantum leaps by leveraging the infrastructure of Interpreter Intelligence.”

“Hands down the leader in scheduling. And it’s the most complex part.”

“Their super power is that they get it. They’re a language services company first, then a tech company.”

“Nationally recognized expertise.”

“I trust them.”

“They’re always willing to work with us.”

“The clear expert in the field. I’ve recommended them multiple times.”

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