When the US military receded from Afghanistan, the US was tasked with evacuating thousands of Afghan refugees, but bringing people to safety is just one part of the puzzle. As Afghan immigrants try to settle in the United States, they face tremendous emotional and mental health challenges, even with significant financial and other support. One of our customers has launched a program that aims to help immigrants integrate and thrive within American society, by allocating a number of interpreter training scholarships to Afghan immigrants.

The InterpreterEd training program was founded to create a pool of qualified interpreters for the community who understand the legal and medical systems in the US and can facilitate understanding on both sides.

“Our program will be particularly effective as we provide interaction between students of different languages and backgrounds, in different parts of the U.S. through live class sessions. We will give interpreters from Afghanistan access to others with similar professional interests and backgrounds—a network for both professional and emotional support.”

The InterpreterEd training program sponsors support for 20 all-expense training scholarships available for Afghan speakers of the following languages: Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Uzbek, Turkmen and Baluchi. There is a maximum of 5 sponsored students per class. For more information, you can contact the InterpreterEd office, or you can submit the online application form.

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