The ways in which mobile phones can be utilized have changed an astronomical amount in recent years. With massive advances in technology, this means the scope for SMS activity has dramatically increased. Managing interpreter schedules has now become a lot easier, with the ability for an interpreter to directly reply to an SMS offer, this will shorten the length of the confirmation process.
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Directly communicating with interpreters via SMS will save time and company resources. This feature provides benefit across many levels of the organization. From a scheduler’s point of view, the number of unfulfilled bookings is greatly reduced. As a result of this feature, these risks are reduced and reflect positively on the organization.

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With quicker paths of communication, this would lead to further benefit for the scheduler, the responses will come in as emails and the agency staff can then assign jobs or mark someone unavailable based on the response received. SMS offers and confirmations allow the scheduling staff to better utilize their time and this gives the interpreters more freedom to schedule their appointments. This convenience provided to both parties is a big pull factor to implement this feature.

Here at Interpreter Intelligence, we have incorporated this new feature to our product. As a prelude to allowing the interpreters to accept a job automatically via SMS, we have added support to forward any SMS replies to an email address of your choosing. We can configure this if / when you need it and it can forward the SMS to one or more emails of your choosing.

We hope you find this new feature useful should you decide to use it and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, issues or concerns at the support email address or by phone. Feel free to add any thoughts or comments you have below. We’d love to hear your feedback…

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