Interpreter Intelligence onboards new customers all the time. For a one-time fee, we set up our customers’ data in the system and we teach them how to navigate our platform. For some customers, however, we are happy to go the extra mile.

One of those customers is the New Mexico Courts. Their Administrative Office, the AOC, makes sure the courts in New Mexico have everything they need: HR support, IT support, financial support, and of course, linguistic support. That’s where Interpreter Intelligence comes in.

We flew down to Albuquerque, New Mexico to make sure the onboarding process went as smoothly as possible. Usually, we teach our customers how to navigate the platform, and then they train their interpreters. Because of the intricate nature of court interpreting, we took on the interpreter training as well.

Courts often contract deaf interpreters as well, so we needed some outside help for this particular training. With the help of another outstanding customer and partner of ours, Hands Up Communications, we had an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter on the call to facilitate the training for the court’s deaf interpreters.

In the screenshot of the interpreter training, you’ll see the ASL interpreter for Hands Up Communications and the deaf interpreter who were on the call.

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