Many small businesses find great success managing their operations, schedules, translationie.jpgand financials with Microsoft Excel. It’s certainly a powerful tool. However, in a highly transactional environment such as Interpreting Services, Excel can show its limitations pretty rapidly. The manually-intensive and data entry error prone nature of the tool can quickly convert an indispensable technology into an incredibly frustrating and costly one. Many independent Language Service Providers run into this precise situation as they start expanding their business. And this is exactly the scenario that, now the largest independent Language Service Provider in Ireland, found themselves in. had an amazing track record, incredible relationships, and a very bright future ahead of them. But they knew that in order to reach their full potential, they had to escape the bounds of running their business on spreadsheets. After assessing a number of different Interpreter Scheduling and Management platforms on the market, they selected Interpreter Intelligence as the clear industry leader that would help them optimize their interpreting business.

After an incredibly straightforward two-week migration process, was up and running on the Interpreter Intelligence platform. The results were immediate and surpassed all expectations. Some of the outcomes included:

  • 100% accurate account and job reconciliation

  • 200% reduction in attendance record retrieval and reconciliation time

  • 60% increase in payment processing time

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