Language access is now more important than ever, and Interpreter Intelligence is here to support your business as a partner, and as a service provider. For example, with our latest VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) technology, on-demand language support was rolled out in visitor centers all along the coast of California. Click the video below for a sneak peek. All that needs to be done is select the language you want an interpreter for, select the service type (OPI or VRI), and your customers will be connected to one of your interpreters in no time. When the session is over, as always, you can go through the audit history of the session to see the details of every participant in order to accurately prepare your invoices and payments. If you currently find your business having to transition to remote solutions, get in touch with our team for more information. From scheduling interpreters to workforce management, and from financial management to scheduled & on-demand remote interpreting, we have you covered. Click here if you want to learn more about how Interpreter Intelligence can boost your interpretation business.

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