Managing an interpreter’s schedule at different locations and times is a daunting task. With your financials, interpreter’s information, client information and a list of upcoming unfilled jobs all being on separate platforms, it makes the whole process very difficult. Interpreter Intelligence was created to solve these issues and provide benefit to language service providers who struggle with the wide range of activities not located on a centralized platform. So here are some of the benefits that an interpreter management and online scheduling software can provide to your organization.

Access Anytime and Anywhere

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With the software being based online, it doesn’t matter what computer you are using, your own URL will be provided to you so you can access it wherever and whenever you like, all you need is an internet connection. This also goes for the interpreters checking their own schedule to self-assign themselves a job or clients creating a new booking themselves. Interpreter Intelligence allows you to centrally manage all your bookings in a secure and convenient cloud-based solution. 

Time saver – Eliminating the back and forth

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 2.34.18 PM.pngAnother primary benefit of adopting an online scheduling software is that it increases your efficiency. For example, the interpreter’s availability is already set, so when you or your clients create a booking, an interpreter who is already willing to work can be offered the job directly and reduce the amount of time going back and forth trying to find a suitable time for everyone. Interpreter Intelligence’s Employment Eligibility feature is an example of a timesaving benefit, reducing the time going back and forth. Quickly determine whether the interpreter meets the criteria necessary to be eligible for assignment to a specific booking.

Gain insights from extensive on-demand reporting.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 12.12.16 PM.pngImplementing an online scheduling software that records as much data as Interpreter Intelligence would result in a huge benefit for the reporting aspect of your business. On the Interpreter Intelligence system, you can easily review statistical data about the state of your business on a periodic basis defined by you. Quickly see bookings broken down by language, customer, and activity spanning any duration. All data is readily exported in Excel of CSV format for further statistical analysis and sharing with customers.

Quicker lines of communication results in fewer unfulfilled bookings.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 3.22.57 PM.pngWith many bookings coming in last minute, the level of urgency is critical when trying to fill that appointment. What is needed in this situation are fast points of contact. The agency needs to know who is available, who has the qualifications, who is within the distance the clients is willing to pay the mileage for and who is a preferred interpreter for that client. Last minute bookings fair very well in Interpreter Intelligence’s system as we cater for all these requirements and much more. 

As you can see, the implementation of an online scheduling system to manage your agencies interpreter appointments can provide benefit across all aspects of your interpreter scheduling business. Be it speed, flexibility, fewer unfulfilled appointments or accessibility to the system. If you found these aspects interesting be sure to check out our product features on our website or get in contact here if you want more information on what we can provide you.

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