Interpreting agencies are increasingly relying on VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) to provide language services to their clients. But what are the requirements for all parties involved to bring a VRI session to a successful end?


First of all, you need one. If your laptop or monitor does not have a built-in camera, then you need to invest in a webcam. If you do have a computer with a built-in camera, but you bought it in the Middle Ages, it might be wise to invest in a better camera anyway. Once you have the proper hardware, it is important to make sure your software is configured properly. Go into your computer’s settings and make sure the right applications have access to your camera. For some applications, like Google Chrome, you’ll again have to explicitly give it access to your camera. 


First of all, you need one. Most laptops have a built-in microphones, but again, if you have an older computer, it might be better to invest in a headset so everyone on the video call can hear you clearly and properly. And again, make sure your software is configured properly. Make sure the right applications have access to your microphone and give explicit access to applications that need it.


This might seem obvious, but if you do not have a laptop, headset or monitor with built-in speakers, you need to buy speakers so you can hear everyone that’s participating in the VRI session. If you invest in a headset, you’re killing two birds with one stone since that has the speakers and microphone in one device.

Stable Internet Connection

Having a stable internet connection is imperative. Do not initiate a VRI session when you are on the move or when you are using mobile data, because that might not support the required bandwidth for a high-quality VRI session. Click here if you want to test your internet speed. Your internet speed should at least be 40 Mbps (Megabits per second) to stream high-quality video.

Attire & Background

Video Remote Interpreting may be different from face-to-face interpreting, but it is still a professional setting. Make sure you are dressed neutrally and professionally, as you would for a normal interpreting assignment. Also, your background should be neutral and should not be distracting to the others participating in the session. That means no movie posters in the background and no pets jumping in the frame.

Interpreter Intelligence can help!

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