Interpreter Intelligence’s unified platform automates time-consuming processes


    Since 2001, this LSP has been providing interpretation, translation, and localization services to some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. As their business expanded, they needed to upgrade its processes and underlying technologies in order to be a more competitive and efficient organization. They needed to move away from constantly calling their interpreters to gauge availability, managing paper trails, manual data entry errors, and spreadsheets to track jobs and operational tasks.


    After assessing several other interpreter platforms on the market, the LSP decided to implement Interpreter Intelligence based on the platform’s ability to integrate scheduling and billing, to automate time-consuming processes, to manage the customer booking process, to give customers visibility and tracking, to filter interpreters by location, and to press interpreters to manage their own availability. Migrating to Interpreter Intelligence was also relatively painless through its custom import templates, detailed training materials, and helpful support staff.


    The impact of implementing Interpreter Intelligence was immediate. There was a 50% reduction in invoice processing time, 40 additional man-hours a week, and a 30% decrease in overall costs. Customer and interpreter accounts were reconciled with jobs, manual data entry errors were limited to a minimum, and there is now a full electronic audit trail of every transaction within the system, eliminating the need for hefty paperwork and timesheets.

“They were really thoughtful about how
they designed their software.”

“We have grown by quantum leaps by leveraging the infrastructure of Interpreter Intelligence.”

“Hands down the leader in scheduling. And it’s the most complex part.”

“Their super power is that they get it. They’re a language services company first, then a tech company.”

“Nationally recognized expertise.”

“I trust them.”

“They’re always willing to work with us.”

“The clear expert in the field. I’ve recommended them multiple times.”

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