Interpreter Intelligence’s unified platform allows integration of scheduling and billing


    The court had been using separate systems for its scheduling and billing. Scheduling happened electronically, but billing was still a manual task. Interpreters had to complete paper invoices and submit them by mail, which increased processing time, costs, and environmental impact. Additionally, any changes to interpreter credentials, ID photos, etc. had to be sent in by mail and processed by the staff. There was a clear need for a unified platform that integrated scheduling and billing, electronically.


    The court was looking for a solution that could integrate their scheduling and billing processes, while moving away from time-consuming paperwork. Through months of extensive research, they decided on an electronic billing system that could reflect a highly complex picture with many variables, while continuing to support their scheduling needs. Interpreter Intelligence worked with them to customize the vendor’s system, and to provide extensive training to the staff and the interpreters.


    The court’s contracted interpreters can now electronically submit their invoices directly through the interpreter portal, greatly streamlining the payment process. It has reduced processing time, costs, and environmental impact. Tying the scheduling and billing pieces together has also vastly improved the court’s ability to evaluate the needs of their customers, to keep track of their contracted interpreters, to run detailed cancellation reports, and track reasons for cancellations. All these features enable their program to conserve and consolidate resources.

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