Interpreter Intelligence financial features automate intricate financial process


    Founded in 2004, this Language Service Provider (LSP) originally used MS Office to track invoicing items, after which it entered each line item manually into QuickBooks. Soon, the LSP outgrew this process and had to look for a software solution to automate this process. An initial partnership with another technology provider was unsuccessful, so on a colleague’s recommendation, the decision was made to implement Interpreter Intelligence instead.


    The US federal government requires the LSP’s interpretation services to organize billable services into different labor categories, and that needed to be captured in the invoicing output. The LSP’s fee schedule varies with each labor category, which includes varying geographical regions, different rates for ad hoc services, and an overtime rate, to just name a few. With rate zones, rate plans, rush fees, and configurable invoice templates, Interpreter Intelligence had the features to reflect the intricate nature of the LSP’s services in the final invoice.


    Not only did the LSP find an online system that could automate its complicated invoicing process, it allows the entire team to collaborate in real-time, eliminating manual errors. All labor categories can now be pushed to QuickBooks in one click. Fees are automatically calculated and all item descriptions in Interpreter Intelligence are directly copied into QuickBooks. The monthly invoicing process used to take about a week and a half, but with Interpreter Intelligence, invoicing takes less than a day.

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