Interpreter Intelligence’s comprehensive reporting capabilities makes it easier to comply with auditing requirements


    The court had been running their interpreter services with a basic tool for scheduling. They had separate systems on the backend for administration, but they weren’t customized to support their needs. Upon learning that their scheduling software was to be discontinued, the team took it as an opportunity to identify a solution with enough features to improve their service levels – especially their response time to bookings.


    The court was searching for a platform that could support more than basic interpretation services. They wanted to make it easier to provide the best possible support to their clients, contract interpreters, and regulatory stakeholders. Interpreter Intelligence worked with them to configure the product to their needs – especially in the areas of contacting interpreters in groups, setting up requirements for each court they serve, and creating targeted communications to segments within their network.


    In the 3 years since implementing Interpreter Intelligence, the court has been able to identify and schedule interpreters for highly unique and sensitive jobs. As a government organization, they have to comply with regulations governing the services they provide. The audit history function in Interpreter Intelligence enables granular-level activity history for each job they perform. Now clients, interpreters and auditors can see every touchpoint, decision, and change within a single job order. Service levels and accountability for issue resolution are visible to all stakeholders, so where there are disagreements, the cause can be quickly identified and remedied.

“They were really thoughtful about how
they designed their software.”

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